About Us

Level 3 Auto Works was started in May 2020 for customers that are looking for premium detailing services and beyond. We share a passion for the art and beauty of cars. Our goal is to provide services that allow car owners to protect their car and make it stand out in a crowd. We offer comprehensive yet flexible detailing, protection, and customization services to suit our clients’ needs, and we do it with unequaled quality, passion, and professionalism.

We take pride in the work that we do on vehicles and we see this work as an art form. This art form is both hard to learn and difficult to master, but we have achieved this by receiving training from the best in the business. All of our products are the best in their category.

The effects from our work can make your car look brand new and hold that appeal for years to come. We stand to make cars as they were meant to be viewed.

We are trusted by hundreds of customers and have extensive references to back our certifications. The products and services that we offer cannot be found in our area. We are ready to make a presence for this market in the Cincinnati area and worldwide.